Warranty Policy

Products on dubitel.com are listed and owned by our registered merchants. Thus, product warranties are set by the merchants.

A product’s warranty will be mentioned on the product details page along with the warranty duration. The default warranty duration is 3 Months from the date of delivery. Most products come with a 6-month seller warranty. Customers can pay for the 1 year extended warranty.

* Customers can avail of only 1 of the warranty contract from the seller i.e “Default 3 Month”, “6 Month” or “Extended 1 Year” as per mentioned in product details or paid.

If the product has a brand or manufacturer warranty it would be mentioned in the product details.

If product warranty information is not clear or not mentioned, you can directly communicate with the merchant by sending them a message through the “Whatsapp” need help popup button on the page.

Used Item’s Order processing and deliveries are subject to availability. You will receive an order confirmation call from our sales team if the stock is available and the order is being processed. All items mentioned with seller warranty in product page are used items. These items are well tested by our experts and have a 9/10 condition. A battery percentage range is also mentioned and we deliver items within that range.